Our Services

We do Software development, Mobile Application Development, Quality assurance, Web publishing, Server configurations, Record management, Hardware and Software Interfacing.

Our Process

Imagine -> Strategy -> Build -> Launch

Meetings, questions and research that will help determine business and project objectives, and define project goals, scope, audience and timelines.

Using the information garnered, we craft initial design directions for your review. Each design direction balances imagery and typographic elements, as required, to provide options for final design development.

Upon selection of a design direction, we will refine and build-out this design and all required elements. During this Phase, we will also work with you to ensure that any required written content is developed and approved. Important elements of each design component are fine-tuned and prepped for production. For web projects, this is where programming, scripting and software integration begins.

Specific to web projects, this phase includes final usability, platform and bandwidth testing to ensure ease of use, compatibility and quick download times. The site is then moved to our hosting server, where it undergoes extensive QA and debugging in preparation for live launch.